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A monument sign is often referred to by other names and descriptions but is what is most common at shopping centers and malls.

Monument signs may represent a single business location or display multiple enterprises.Businesses, schools and churches that have monument signs often incorporate a section of the sign that may be used to communicate announcements, sales and events. This feature is referred to as a reader board and may be of the manual change letter and track or digital display types. Monument signs may be built with identity on changeable panels of translucent acrylic or lexan or punch-cut in various fashions for an exciting and creative effect.

The sign cabinet may be finished in any color or texture desirable from smooth to stucco finish. We build monument signs to stand out from the crowd. We design them to be in good taste and afford maximum efficacy in pulling businessinto your location.

Our foundations are professionally engineered to comply with all local and state codes to ensure a sign of quality and durability. Sign cabinets are artfully crafted from aluminum, welded and thoroughly inspected for structural integrity affording you a sign investment that will last for decades, never rusting or rotting. We establish the foundation in concrete on heavy steel poles and carefully install the sign, checking for perfect alignment.

Skyvision Signs stands ready to serve you in both designing and fabricating your new monument sign.

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