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Channel Letters

A channel letter sign is perhaps the most common type of identity used in both shopping centers and malls. This type affords unlimited opportunities for creativity and adds a certain excitement to any business front.

Early channel letter signs were most often lighted with neon and though still available, today's are lighted with the exciting and versatile LED method of illumination. With LED, signs may be designed with unique lighting never before possible and placed in weather environments that eliminate the inherent risks associated with neon.. We take immense pride in crafting your new channel letter sign be it designed by us, or an outside art department. Our skilled artisans form each and every letter as works of art so that you are assured that your new sign represents your business in the manner and taste that you demand.

Channel letters are available in two basic concepts. The common style has an acrylic letter face and the light from inside is seen through the face of the letter. This type offers excellent day and night viewing alike.

A reverse channel letter has lighting inside but that light shines from the rear of the letter, casting a halo glow upon the wall of which the sign is mounted. This type affords some very elegant effects and beauty in special settings.

Of all types of signs available to the business owner, channel lettersare unequaled in excitement and efficacy. We at Skyvision love building channel letters and eagerly await your order for your new sign.

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